The school adopts the model of enrolling and cultivating students in two large major categories: Journalism major and Communication major, under which there are four majors for junior undergraduates’ to acquire general education. It also sets up four majors: Journalism major, Communication major, Public Relations major, and Creative Media major for senior undergraduates to choose through a two-way process.

Journalism Major
Based on a classic teaching model, this major aims to cultivate journalism talents to master literacy in humanities, social sciences and especially the journalism profession by adding elements required by the fast developing society. To meet the trend of “all media”, the Journalism major focuses on the training of students’ “all media” ability, which means students can not only gain traditional journalism training but also that in photography, videography, news gathering, writing, and editing. 
Under the Journalism major, the school also now includes a Financial News major, in accordance with economic development. We aim to train talented journalists with professional economics knowledge so that these journalists will be able to report various economic phenomena and investigate complicated economic issues both at home and abroad.

Main courses:
Journalism Introduction, Introduction to Mass Media, Visual Communication, News Gathering and Writing, Depth Reports, Media Ethics and Regulations, Financial News Gathering and Writing, Television Programs’ Planning and Directing, Audio-Visual Language, Photojournalism, Digital Media Technology
Graduates will be competent to apply for jobs in media, such as newspaper groups, TV stations, news websites, mobile newspapers, magazines, etc. Jobs concerning promotion and communication in government departments, companies and institutions are also available.

Communication Major 
This major mainly trains public communication talents in new media environment, emphasizing political and visual communication. The political communication side aims to cultivate talents with public spirit and civic ideals. Students are also trained to master good humanistic literacy, policy analysis, communication skills and communication theory. The ability to employ new media tools is emphasized. After going through relevant courses, these talents will be able to carry out high-level communication managing tasks in government departments, institutions and various social organizations.
The visual communication side, based on the platform of new media environment, regards new media and creative culture as the core. By combining humanities and design in doctrine, focusing both theory and practice in teaching, emphasizing a comprehensive understanding of journalism and communication, visual theory, visual communication, new media and cultural studies in disciplinary base, this major is intended to cultivate academic and innovative talents in “all-media”age.

Main Courses:
Organizational Communication, Environmental Communication, Political Communication, The Interpretation of Chinese society and Civil Society, Public Policy Analysis, Public Welfare Communication, Internet communication, Introduction to New Media Communication, Visual Theories and Communication, Photojournalism, Topics on Documentary, Audio-Visual Language, Image Editing, Introduction to Design, The History of Modern Design, Graphic Composition, Color Composition, Print Media Design, Visual Presentation of New Media, Creative Expression of Graphs, Socio-economics of Cultural Industries.
Graduates may engage themselves in work such as communication management and social communication in government departments or institutions. They could also fit jobs in the departments of publicity, public relations, brand communication, culture exchange, and business promotion. They can also undertake specific editing and designing work in newspaper groups, TV stations, news websites, mobile newspapers, magazines and other types of media organizations. What is more, students can also choose to further their education in journalism, communication, media management.

Public Relations Major
The department of public relations set the commercial communication activities in an age of convergence of old and new media as its studying objects and corporate public relations and corporate social responsibility as its main research content. Talents from this major are educated to have a good mastery of basic theories in modern communication, management, planning, and communicating. Therefore, they would turn out to be talents in modern applied communication, fully armed with “all-media” literacy and skills of integrating communication. Students are required to master systematic management expertise, get familiar with communication theories and methods, understand communication rules for modern media (especially new media), possess the ability to research, plan and create, and grasp all kinds of promoting skills and communicating arts.
Main courses:
The Principles of Public Relations, Practices and cases in Public Relations, Public Relations Writing, Communication Studies, Media sociology, Researches on Mass Media, Internet Communication, Marketing, Principles of Advertising, CI Strategy、Corporate Communication, Crisis Management and Communication, Speech and Rhetoric.
Graduates of the Public Relations Department could seek employment in any of the following: large enterprises, commercial organizations, professional public relations companies, and advertising companies. They could even find a place in media doing information research, image planning, brand management, promotion, foreign affairs communication, business communication, marketing, corporate culture, overseas Chinese affairs, and office secretary. Moreover, students could seek their master education in public relations, communications studies, and public management.

Creative Media major
This major is planned to train talents for mass media (especially new media) communication and personnel for the creative design in media and news information. Based on the theoretical guidance of communication studies, The Creative Media major sets new media as the research field, graphic design as the foundation and “creativity” as the center. Its key instruction includes: new media studies, creative industries of culture, video practice, creative media design.

Main courses:
Plane Formaton, Color Composition, Three-dimensional Form, Design of Information Transmission, Management of Creative Industries, Graphic Expression, Pictures and Layout ,Creative Expressions of Advertising, Web Communication Design, Documentary Photography, Audio-Visual Language, New Media Research, Visual Literacy.
Graduates could seek employment in media, publishing, design, advertising, network media, film, television, and other kinds of companies. They could also take part in specific work of media designing, planning, teaching, researching, developing and managing in government departments or institutions.

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